Friday, March 12, 2010

Custom, Custom, Custom...

I think I mention my ability to custom create at least once a week- so here it is AGAIN for this week... Once you make a custom request you will be hooked... I have a handfull of customers who order SOMETHING completely custom at least once a month - and I love it!!!
Don't be shy... request away!!
This weeks layout was created by the lovely Shannon - and has a paper piecing replica of the karate school's logo - it's called the Shark Academy. I took a jpg image of the school logo, and whipped it up in no time... what custom request can you come up with??/ Oh, you might be thinking a custom request will be pricy - no, silly! Shannon's logo was a 6 inch piecing and it was just $5.00 - I want to see Jolee's beat that ;-)

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