Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Easy Photo Mat idea

I love this simple layout... to create one for your self simply tear coordinating patterned paper or cardstock into small strips and lay on your page as the background. I used an old die cut in red and green to create a simple paper piecing as a pop of color. Not every page has to be a show stopper, embellished to the limit- sometimes simple says it all! Happy Scrapping!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Paper Piecing

I have always loved the "realistic" look when scrapping... ordinary die cuts just don't (excuse the pun) cut it! So I take the time to create paper piecings. I love them, use them and sell them! Here are a few of my favorite offerings:

I love to create the perfect paper piecing for you --- so if you have a request
- feel free to email me!

Friday, March 27, 2009

So do you like kits?

I hope this week I have entised you all a bit with kits...as you saw there are all different styles and kits are very versitile...so if you are a kit FREAK I have a website for you... It's called Scrapbook Page Kits
From their website: (with comments by me, lol)

ScrapbookPageKits.com is a site where multiple designers can display and sell their kits. All kits purchase through this site are sent to you individually by the company that designs them so if you order from multiple companies, you will get multiple packages (who doesn't like lots of packages???)
but you pay only one shipping fee. (YIPEE for that!)
We feature kits from companies such as Beyond Scrapbooks, 1 Creative Bug, (man, I love that 1 Creative Bug girl - she designs some great kits!) Memories By The Page, A Memory To Scrap, Up Country Scrappin', Picture It Made, and many more! Our kits are varied and include themed layout pages, pre-made scrapbook pages, coordinate collections, and board book kits.
Best of all -- we are constantly adding new designers and more kits to our selection!
So if you are looking for a 1 stop shop for your scrapbook layout kit needs- check our Scrapbook Page Kits . com!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You all Know Suzy!

...But I can't forget to mention her great offering of kits since I am pointing out all the "competition" this week!

Suzy is the proud owner of The Memory Cafe... she is steadily building her shop up with some of the classiest kits on the market. Like me, Suzy does both kits you put together and premades that are all done and ready for your pictures. Suzy is currently working on some die cuts that are to DIE FOR! I promise you that--- so check out her shop and peek at my favorite:

Dare 2 Dream - copyright 2009 The Memory Cafe

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Another great club!

Legacy Paper Arts has what I like to call elegante kits--- they spare no detail, swirl or twirl and are not "cutsie" - I use many of Melissa's kits because they add balance to my overly "cute" albums.

Here is a recent purchase I made from Legacy Paper Arts...

Sweet Smiles- Copyright 2009 Legacy Paper Arts

Melissa also has a kit club and a project club where there is always something exciting! And this year Melissa is traveling outside California to bring her amazing kits to a convention near you! Check out her online store to order or find a convention and visit Melissa in person!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How about a kit club???

Yesterday I highlighted Kiss Crop N Shop and I told you Shannon goes all over tarnation for another kit maker... it's none other than Lickety Split Scrapbooks!

Wendy and Setma have awesome kits you can buy a la carte as well as 2 incredible clubs! If you want kits auto shipped right to your door- Lickety Split has them for you!

They also create and sell Board Books and Word Books! - Too muh fun in the swamp!

Here is my current favorite from Lickety Split Scrapbooks!

Just Plane Cute - copyright 2009 Lickety Split Scrapbooks

If you stop by the Swamp online or at a convention ner you be sure to tell the ladies

1 Creative Bug sent ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009

More GREAT kits!

I love to use scrapbook layout kits... for me they are perfect for taking to crops- everything you need except basic tools, adhesive and ink is right in the kit! I do not like to drag every last thing from my scrap room to the crop- so I am always buying kits--- and that is a major reason I create them too. Some of my favorite Kit Makers are HUGE inspirations to me--- and because everyone has a different style- I encourage all you kit lovers to check them out!!!

... so this week on the 1 Creative Bug Blog I'm going to highlight (In no particular order) some of my favorite kit makers... Stores I have actually purchased and use multiple kits from!

Let's start off the week with a kiss... Keep It Simple Scrapbooking that is...

Kiss Crop N Shop - Shannon over at K.I.S.S crop N Shop not only designs GREAT kits- she holds AWESOME events! If you live in or near Missouri you TOTALLY need to check her out!

My favorite kit in the KISS store is this one:

Out of this World - copyright 2009 KISS Crop N Shop.

Above is how Shannon designed the layout--- and not to insult her design skills AT ALL- but to show you just how very versitile Kits are - this is what I did with the kit:

A little known fact about Shannon is that she travels all over tarnation teaching classes at conventions for one of my other favorite Kit makers... tune in tomorrow to find out who!!!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hooray - winner in the layout Challenge...

Take a look at this article written by Suzy Scrapbooker...

(Really my friend Suzy of The Memory Cafe)

After a week long challenge between Christy Gandara of One Creative Bug and Suzy Molen of The Memory Cafe, Gandara won with 12 points. Molen had 7. It was a devastating loss for Molen."It was a tough challenge and I thought Suzy would definitely win, but I pulled through and gave it all I had" said Gandara.The challenge was to see who could produce the most scrapbooking layouts for their business during the week. The prize: A grab bag full of embellishments. It is said that another challenge between the two is looming.The people at The Memory Cafe were not available for comment.

As you can see Suzy has an awesome sense of humor! And just a TON of talent- take a look at her creations and feel free to shop the Memory Cafe anytime!

Here are a few more I did for the challenge!

Super is a 12 x 12 premade page with great sublte tones and fun stars.

This page is priced at $9.00 and is going to go fast!

This adorable premade page gets all it's cuteness from the adorable "Edger" manufacutred by Midnight Oil Scrapbook Designs they have a ton of these cute things I am going to use so keep your eyes peeled! In the meantine since you can't live without this page I will tell you I embellished with stickles and inked the edges of the photo/journaling mats. All this adorable-ness can be yours for just one small payment of $10.00.
Peter Cotton Tail is a one of a kind cutie!

I feel JOY just looking at this page! If it will bring you joy- email me
And you can have it for $9.00

The last one I have to show you today is a kit... I have limited quantities and you have to do some of the work- but that can be some of the fun as well.

I call this kit: A Day/Night To Remember - because it comes with BOTH titles so you can choose... This kit would be great to remember a recital, prom, wedding, birthday, anniversary- you get the idea any day or night you want to remember! The kit is $ 18.00 and available only while quantities last. I do not re- produce my kits!
So that will do it for today! Have a great weekend!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I love a Challenge!!!

Nothing like having someone challenge you to get the creative juices flowing! After almost a 6 month detour--- 1 Creative Bug is back, creating and sharing with you! In order to add a little fun to the Creative Process, my friend Suzy over at The Memory Cafe and I have issued each other a little challenge... to see who can design the most pages for sale in a week... the prize is an embellishment grab bag from the looser. Since both Suzy and I are avid collectors of cute stuff I know the pack I'm going to win (confident aren't I?) will be AWESOME.

Here are a few of the designs I came up with so far...

This one I'm calling Spring although it does not come with a title- instead it comes with a coupon for a FREE custom cut title of your choice - how cool is that!

"Spring" is a 12 X 12 premade layout and is priced at $10.00

"Happiness" has a manly enough feel for boy pictures, but the flowers add style and charm any women looking at the book will appreciate - after all how many men sit down and thumb through the scrapbooks??? This premade page is priced at $10.00

Isn't this one "great"? Ha Ha I'm funny! Great is a premade 12 X 12 page priced at $9.00

Who doesn't have pictures of all those "Good Times"? Use this LIMITED EDITION KIT to create a 1 page, 12 X 12 layout celebrating one event or a series of events... the kit comes with everything you need (except ink and adhesive) to make the layout shown. Priced at $9.00 you'll have a good time with this kit. Oh I'm such a corny bug!

The last page I have for you today is also a LIMITED EDITION KIT. Carefree comes with plenty of bling and all the other die cuts and papers you need to make this adorable 12 x 12 layout. Priced at $9.00 you just need some ink, adhesive and a few minutes to spare!
If you'd like to purchase any of the kits you see here- please email me... remember premade pages are 1 of a kind and limited editions are just that- when they are gone, they are gone!