Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Usin up my "stash"...

I have enough scrapbooking supplies to last me until the end of time... I am making a conscious effort to use what I have and limit my purchases to adhesive, and specific needs! This layout was created with "leftovers" from a Kit... I can never use kits the "right" way - I am forever buying them and rearranging the layout, etc... this stuff was purchased in a kit - quite a few years ago by Keep It Simple Scrapbooking...
I'm pretty sure she won't have this partiular kit - because like I said I'm using up older stash... but Shannon has AWESOME kits - check them out...
This layout shows the girls on their first night of Faith Formation (CCD classes) - They were in a Kindergarten/1st grade combo class - which made me feel much better. I spent every week sitting outside ( or inside when it was cold!) ... you know I'm too paranoid to leave them there - ALONE!


  1. I just wanted to let you know that this post has inspired me to use up my "stash" starting today! I had been thinking about it because I am like I have so much paper and stickers I need to stop buying! Easier said than done right?!? Well thanks for giving me a boost!


  2. Glad to be an inspiration Lisa - Feel free to send me layout images of stash using and any tips and I'll put them on the blog!